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Local Laws of Interest

The rules that apply to the Township of Ocean comprise two major areas: Revised General Ordinances (RGOs), and Comprehensive Land Use Development Ordinances (LDOs).

Ordinances of Interest

Inoperable Vehicles: LDO Sect. 21-21d. (Outside storage of inoperable vehicles or vehicles not currently registered, licensed, insured, or being used for transportation shall not be permitted.)

Property Maintenance: RGO Chapter 3 Sect. 8 (Provides that all properties must remain free from Trash, Debris, Grass over 10 inches and obnoxious growths).

Garbage, Trash cans & Recycling: RGO Chapter 10 Sections 3, 5 & 6. (Provides that garbage cannot be mixed with recyclables or trash. Containers must be kept covered and kept in such place or places so as not to become a nuisance to the occupants of any building. Comply with mandatory recycling program).

Commercial Vehicle Residential Zone: LDO Sect. 21-21e. (Any individually registered commercial vehicle >22’ in length, >10’ in height or >18,000 lbs in weight, is prohibited from standing or parking in a residential zone, except making a delivery.)

Roadside Signs: LDO Sect. 21-44. (It shall be unlawful for any person to erect or display any advertising sign or structure as defined in the sign ordinance without first obtaining a sign permit.)

Parking In Front Yards Off Driveway: LDO Sect. 21-45.12a. (No parking is permitted in either the required front yard setback or in the actual front yard between the residence and the street unless on a driveway. Note: Any yard facing a street is a “front yard”, e.g., a corner lot has two front yards.)

Obstruction To Vision: LDO Sect. 21-48.2. (No obstruction to vision shall be permitted, within the required sight triangle, at the intersection of two or more streets.)

Fence Maintenance: LDO Sect. 21-48.5. (Fences and walls shall be maintained in a safe, sound, upright aesthetically pleasing manner.)

Ordinances regarding snow removal, pets, noise, pools, etc., can be found on the Township website or by calling Town Hall on 732 531-5000 with your question. Some permit application forms are downloadable, and fees may apply. To browse the list of ordinances on the web site, click on the heading Township Government and choose either Revised General Ordinances or Comprehensive Land use Development Ordinances--or try using the Search box.