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Voting: A Step-by-Step Guide

In order to vote, you must first register. To register, you must be qualified, and the rules for that can be found here. There are many ways and places to register, including completing and filing a Voter Registration form -- available below. If you have changed your name or your address, you must re-register -- but you may still be able to vote. If you've changed

The State of New Jersey offers much more information, in great detail, here.

Mail-in ballots have replaced (and extended) absentee ballots. To find out more about them -- what they are, how to get one, how to vote using one, read this. To receive your Vote by Mail ballot by mail, your County Clerk must receive your application 7 days prior to the election. You may also apply in person to your County Clerk until 3:00 p.m. the day before the election. You must register at least 21 days before an election to vote. To be safe, have your form delivered -- not postmarked -- by that date.

To change your party affiliation (which effects your ability to vote in party primaries), read this, and complete and file this form.

Should you be unsure of your registration status, you can check it here.

Mail or file any of these completed forms to the office for your county.


Call 1-800-792-VOTE toll free during business hours for answers to any questions or concerns you may have regarding:

The VOTEline is also staffed while the polls are open on Election Day to help with any problems you may face at the polls.

Election Dates

may be found here. Deadlines to apply for general election mail-in ballots and to file address changes are here.

Going to the polls -- where to vote

If you don't mail in your vote, you'll want to know the location of your local precinct polls. Go here and enter your address to find your polling place. Voting for fire district commissioners is typically at the firehouse. Call your local elections official or the VOTEline (1-800-792-VOTE) should you have further questions or problems.

Voter Identification Requirements

If you're a first time voter, you may be asked to provide ID at the polls. Here is a list of accepted documents, and the rules determining whether you may cast a ballot on the machine, or must cast a provisional ballot.

Voting Information From The County Clerk

The Election Division of the Monmouth County Clerk's office has a new website with helpful information about how to register, where to vote, election results, voting by mail, and many more topics, including how to contact the office for further information or answers to questions. Also available are any forms necessary, with details on where to send them.

You can find them at