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LWVNJ Opportunities

LWVNJ Member Opportunities

LWVTO Program Planning Response Form

Here are the LWVTO responses to current League positions, reported to LWVNJ, as reviewed at the most recent meeting.

Members' Handbook

The League of NJ has published A Handbook for Members. Take a look. What LWV is, what we're about, where we came from and where we've been ... it's all here. Whether you're a long-time member, or joined last week, you'll learn something in this handbook.

Member Contact Information


Voter Registration Toolbox

Running a Candidates Forum

We have tool to help those of us working Candidates' Forums -- reminders, organizers, templates, guides to the tasks.

Meeting Venues Toolkit

Several public rooms are available for use. The list below provides details.

Press Kit


2021-2022 LWVSMC Board

Here's a printable version of the list.

The Bylaws

Updated June, 2020, the bylaws are available here.

Non-partisan Policy

LWV is non-partisan. Get the details.


Where's The Stuff?

Various items of value are kept in secure, undisclosed locations, among them