Fighting For the Vote

The Monmouth County Leagues have created a program designed to motivate high school seniors and college students to vote. Fighting for the Voteis a one-session, interactive lesson delivered in the classroom by League-trained facilitators.

Find out more at Energizing Young Voters.

Voter Registration Toolbox

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2020 Census

Everything you want to know about the 2020 Census: Get the facts, understand the consequences, consider the concerns and intentions of the Framers, and what it means today -- Livestream Video of the 2020 Census Talk. You are there! See and hear the January 27 talk on the upcoming 2020 census here.

Electoral College

And ... everything you want to know about the Electoral College: What it is, what it does, what to do about it. See a presentation, given by LWVTO President Peggy Dellinger on February 17 in Spring Lake, here.

For more information, see the work of LWV in Illinois, which has researched issues of the Electoral College, and put together informative presentations, here. graphic

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