Township of Ocean League of Women Voters

Minutes from Meeting held in the home of Sally and Bill Madden

September 16, 2012 (6:30-9:00)

¯  Minutes were approved as corrected

¯  TreasurerÕs Report- Don Curtis: 20 paid members, three national members,

Bank Balance as of 8.29.12 was $5254.28

¯  Announcements - State  LWV workshops: attendees will be Sally & Bill Madden and Sue Sferas

              -Fall Fest (Joe Palaia Park): an information and voter registration table will be staffed by

                            Don & Marie Curtis, Peggy Dellinger, and Lois Kiely  

               -Museum Exhibits - Election Memorabilia exhibit is currently being displayed at the museum

¯  World War II exhibit is still running in the main exhibit room

¯  Ghost Walk event is scheduled for October 21st and will feature ŌghostsĶ from the WWII exhibit

¯  Dallas Grove referenced proposed debate to be held on 9.22.12 (see email) Smith vs Froelich

¯  Land Use     League may be receiving an alert re: bill to amend private colleges/universities from local land use laws (public colleges/universities are currently exempt)

¯  Voter Service   Monmouth Mall voter registration booth was staffed by Sue, Don, Marie, Sheri, and Pamela

¯  County Fall Candidates Forum will be held 10.17.12 at 7:00 p.m.

¯  Board of Education Candidates Debate (Ocean Twp.) -   A discussion for exploration was held regarding sponsoring a Board of Education Candidates debate (possible date 10.29.12) at the Board of Education Building (formerly Oakhurst School)

¯  Observer Corps   Sally and Bill attended the Twp. Of Ocean Council meeting (9.12.12) and submitted at report on the issues that were discussed (see Maddens for copy of report), also in attendance were the Hudsons and Jack Kearns from Common Cause

¯  Membership – Sally reported on progress  as a coach in the LWV Coaching Program, including a discussion of the Webinar, Team Committee Concept for new members, goal of deeper connections with the communities, coaching conference calls, and future training in Basking Ridge.

¯  Website Finalization – Ted Dellinger has ensured that all township links are now working,  future plans for LWV Ocean Twp. website are: members only access link, land use updates, highlights of Facts and Issues cable television  program hosted by Marie Curtis, voter registration information,  and strategies for promoting  the website in order to serve the township effectively, e.g. marketing Know Your Town once it is completed.      

                                                                                        Submitted by Lois Kiely