E-vote: LWVNJ Journal Ad February 2018

A note from Peggy Dellinger regarding the recent vote by the board support LWVNJ

LWVTO Board,

Thank you for your responses to the E-Vote on the motion:

"The LWVTO will take an ad in the 2018 LWVNJ Award Reception journal at a cost of $200 to be taken from our treasury to support the value and services the state League provides."


The motion passed: (7 "ayes;" 2 "no responses")

Responses included a request that going forward the journal ad expenses be considered in the context of our budgeting process where the board can have a full discussion of the possibilities.

Susan Sferas will confirm with the state League that we will be taking an ad. Peggy will design the camera-ready copy--ideas are welcome. Please let Peggy know if you have an idea for the content of the ad.

Peggy Dellinger